About Us

Atravance IT Consulting was established in 1990 by a group of senior IT Managers. We are a fast growing and very successful company focused on delivering high performance, secure IT solutions and IT services.

Operating from two offices – one in Toronto, one in Mississauga – we have significant experience gathered over many years.

We deliver comprehensive IT solutions and IT services focused on network design, migration and management.

As a professional IT company, we hold a number of certificates from vendors such as Cisco, Red Hat and ITIL, and we are trained to design, implement and support IT solutions and services for great and small businesses.

To find out more about our qualifications, please read the Company Information.

Company Information
Atravance IT Consulting has been incorporated in 1990 by a group of senior IT managers. As a fast-growing IT Consulting company, we work with over 60 project managers and engineers who have extensive experience in the provision of high quality IT solutions to a diverse clientele across a wide range of industry sectors. Managing Director of Atravance IT Consulting, Atravance, holds numerous certificates supporting his experience in Cisco, Red Hat, ITIL and Solaris products and solutions. With competencies spread across a broad area of IT, we provide consultancy in: Networking with preference on Cisco solutions, Operating Systems such as various flavours of Unix and Linux operating systems, Storage, and Security. Our services also include consulting, infrastructure management, monitoring and a variety of support services.

We understand that the vast majority of IT environments need to be treated individually because of their unique hardware, networking, application, implementation, security and storage requirements. Atravance IT Consulting designs modern IT infrastructures. We utilise a phased system for project implementation ensuring integration with current systems as well as providing an ongoing monitoring and maintenance platform.

Our IT Consulting experience includes small (less than 30 servers) to large infrastructures (more than 1,500 servers). We utilise a variety of reliable and top-quality vendors from the likes of Cisco, Foundry, F5, and Citrix. This also applies to operating systems, with the preference of Red Hat Linux Enterprise and Solaris. Within data centre infrastructure we support the most common types of UNIX and Linux platforms. However, we are vendor-independent – we do not take any direct or indirect commission from the companies that we recommend.

We deliver your IT Solutions on time and on a budget. This eliminates the potential of project total budget overrun and ensures timely project completion. Atravance IT Consulting deals with both short and long term contracts, to help improve performance, reliability and scalability of your infrastructure.